Puzzle Toddler Preschool! App Reviews

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Biggest app

This is the biggest app i have seen so far .And by biggest i mean its greatness .This app is amazing.

A five star app

It deserves a five star rating without any shadow of a doubt.This type of learning app for children where they can play and learn is so rare .This app isca class apart.

Magnificient app

This is a magnificent app which some amazing features .It helps toddlers to improve their earning abilities .

Very good app

I am really impressed with this app .It is such an awesome one to have in your phone as your child needs it .

Nicely designed

This app has been nicely designed .It works properly and keeps improving itself.The designers of the app deserves a mention too.This is such a remarkeable app.

Great features

It will enhance the thinking power of your kid. Your kid will develop great logical thinking. Great app

Very simple app

This is a simple app and has good features But it doesnt end there ,the app is bringing out new feafures ,etc . to improve the app and make it more efficient

Fun to useFun to use

They have amazing collection of puzzles and quiz for toddlers which generate interest of kids

Happy Mother!

My sons absolutely love this app. he uses this app non stop. As a mother I'm happy that my kid is learning.

My kids favourite

Great for kids to learn. Nice concept to make kids understand the basic things.

Very interesting app

My son keeps playing this app everytime he has my phone. Great initiative taken by this app to educate kids

Greatest ever

This is the greatest ever learning app for toddlers .No other such app is close to its quality .

Fabulous app

This is a fabulous learning app for toddlers .They start to learn so fast after introduction of this app to them.This is pretty good app.

Wonderful app

Beautiful puzzles. Great way to learn from well designed games. Thank you for coming with this wonderful app

cool app

With this app you can have fun and learn at the same time. They have made this app very engaging

Loving it

The app is good for kids. Great app for fun learning. My kids love this app.

Great concept

Very amazing app. The app is so colorful to grab attention of every kid.

Great one

An interactive app for all curious babies and toddlers. In 15 colorfully-designed stacker puzzle games, Stacker Puzzles introduces children to colors, shapes, numbers, patterns, and more.

great app for kids

Various concepts are being covered my this app like math, comapring, classification and more.

Very interesting app

My son keeps playing this app everytime he has my phone. Great initiative taken by this app to educate kids

3yr Old Son

He loves it.. he has played non stop.


My daughter enjoy the app

Fantastic toys!

My kids love this game. Well done app. Highly recommended. More new puzzles would be great! Thank you for the great job.


My 2 year old loves this game!

My daughter loves Abby!

My preschool daughter loves puzzle apps with monkeys. Thanks for such great app!

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